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Ian McGowan

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Behavioral Specialist 

Children, Adolescents, Adults

University of Minnesota

Meet Ian!

Ian McGowan specializes in treating OCD, anxiety, depression, and related conditions through evidence-based treatments and mindfulness for all ages. He's passionate about connecting with humans and learning about the unique stories that everyone has to offer. By weaving together personal empowerment, courage, self-compassion, and curiosity, he's able to support people in shifting their perspectives toward themselves, leading to growth and well-being. His desire is for self-acceptance, love, and inner peace to be present and stable in all beings in creating a connected and balanced Earth. 


Having lived and worked in multiple countries since receiving his bachelor's degree in Intercultural Communications, Ian suffered an ACL tear that changed his life. The experience brought him to practice yoga, in which he was able to work on himself and become one with purpose. It became clear he wanted to support others in their wellness journey. He has touched many lives through teaching yoga, meditation, and mindfulness for the past 10 years. He believes everyone has the power and vitality to shift their patterns and change their lives in a way that empowers them to be their best. 


Music brings major joy to Ian's life and he finds great solace and delight in connecting with nature, friends, family, as well as connections with new people, and exploring the world. You can find him admiring the beauty of the natural world on bike rides, hiking, paddle boarding, snowboarding or floating in the water taking in the beautiful blue sky.

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